What a fabulous trip it was. Three months ago I was asked to give a presentation on navigating the complexities of disability housing as a consumer at a disability housing conference in Sydney. This is an opportunity that I didn’t want to turn down because I am passionate that people with a disability get the housing options they want.


However, I didn’t have the funds myself to go, so I started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the money I needed. Although I haven’t raised the full funds yet, I received enough donations to allow me to get there.

I am over the moon that I bit the bullet and went despite not having all of the funds, because the conference was amazing. It wasn’t only that it was well run by the organisers Criterion Conferences, but everyone spoke with honesty and the truth about the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Specialist Disability Accommodation. It was a breath of fresh air hearing people who are known in the industry speak the truth, and all in their own ways trying to help the system.

Usually I meet people who are there for their interests only, and this wasn’t the case. Over the two days I made so many connections, and I can’t wait to collaborate with them over next few years about various things. I feel I have a vision now for where I want to take my business. I am definitely more hopeful now about NDIS and SDA than I was before

I was presenting on the second day and before I left, I was nervous about if my talk was on topic. After the first day, I felt 100% more confident about it because I was showing them a real example of what other people were presenting. I am so happy how it all went, and it seems I already got another gig lined up. It has also opened doors on other things I hadn't expected. More on that later.


Here’s a copy of my talk and my PowerPoint.

Thanks for everyone with their support and donations. I am still hoping to get the rest of the funds which would mean I wouldn’t be out of pocket, so I'm leaving the Go Fund Me campaign open for now.