Getting a job and taking on the world.

My poker tournament win in new Zealand was the first time in my life I felt I had achieved something big. It was the boost in confidence I needed to tackle my next milestone... employment!

In the early stages of 2014, I decided I wanted to get a job so I started going to an employment service.  After four appointments, I left the service because they were useless. I didn’t think that I should have gotten a job straight way but I felt that they were not seriously trying to get me a job. I have enough crap in my life so I do not take it when I don't have to. Around this time I had an appointment with the department of human services for my individual support package. I mentioned I was looking for a job and was directed towards contacting Marillac employment service and becoming a client.

After 4 meetings with Marillac l had the manager of Marillac employment service offer me a job as an assistant administrator. I took the job. My job was filing clients paperwork on the computer and keeping the computer file system neat. I also run the Marillac football tipping competition. I have now been working there for seventeen months. I am enjoying the work and it has given me more meaning to my life.  Before I started working I had too much of time on my hands.  I was getting bored. Even though I only work two days a week, it with my other personal activities keep me busy and I like the people who I work with. I'm not friends with everyone at work but thats like everywhere else. You never get along with everyone at work regardless of where you work, but If you are respected by your colleagues you will be alright. 

Marillac Employment Services 

Marillac Employment Services 

I have been lucky enough to make some good friends at work. There is a person in particular who I got along with very well and that was Joyce. To be honest we are very different people but we just get each other. Around 3 months ago she left Marillac for a better job but we still catch up occasionally.  There is another person at work called Libby who I have came close to. Over the last few months she been helping me to establish my business.

At the end of the day, work is whatever you make of it.  If you see work as being boring it can be but if you take a positive attitude into work you can have some fun and it can be a positive experience. I am not going to lie, some days work can be boring and I just want the day to end as fast as possible, but that's the same for everyday life, you have good days and bad.

Before I worked at Marillac I had no work experience. It has been a great introduction into the workforce but it's not what I want to do as a career.  I want to do more than assistant administration so I've started a business. I enjoy working at Marillac and I'm happy to stay there as I build up my business. I have had a few odd jobs. Last year I was mentoring a student once a week.  He has cerebral palsy and he was struggling with life. I was helping him through a tough time. A few weeks ago I caught up with him and he is doing a lot better.

Before I got a job I thought no one would hire me. Why would someone hire me, a one handed slow typer in this era of people wanting things fast. To this day part of me still think this. But it just takes one person to recognise what you have to offer and hire you.