My Support Network

To be successful in life you need to have a great support network both personally and professionally. This is what I have around me. In the past few years I have chosen the right type of people to surround myself with and distance myself from others. To distance yourself from someone doesn’t mean you don’t like that person. They just might have negative energy which might bring you down. You can’t grow or get better as a person if you always around negative people.

In the last couple years I can’t believe how everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly. Sometimes I cry to myself in happiness of what my life is today. I am living the life that I want to live. I think it has happened for me because I have surrounded myself with the right type of people. These people are in my personal and professional life. This includes:

My family – firstly I can’t speak not highly enough of my parents. They treat me like I don’t have a disability. They demand from me what they would demand from a normal child. I went to a mainstream school all the way through. They also gave me the right attitude towards life to go for anything you want in life and don't expect anything to be handed to me. I don’t care when things don't go my way, I just go on with my life. I must credited my attitude towards life to them.


My sister whom is 18 years old is a beautiful young woman. Even though I am a disabled person we had a normal sibling relationship while we were growing up. We fought, she fast learnt I couldn't run after her so she would tease me then ran off. But I got my revenge back when she was near me. When she were unexpected I would grabbed her and get her in a headlock.

Nanna has always been a big help in my life. When I was young she used to go to physiotherapy with me. She used to have me occasionally to give my parents a break.

Family is always big part of the shaping people whether it is a good or bad influence. I was lucky enough to be born into a great family.


Carers- this is a funny subject to talk about. I have had good and bad carers in my life. It is hard to find people who are good carers. These days I hire my own carers. Recently I setup an interview to talk to a potential new carer. I had a friend to come to the interview with me to help interview, but the carer never shown up. Unfortunately this is a common thing in this industry. I've also had carers who tried to steal my money.

Even though I have had bad experiences I like to hire my own carers because at least I have more control over who I hire. I have been working with my main carer since 2008. She has helped me to grow outside my comfort zone. Now she has became more like family than a carer. I have gone on holidays with her family.

Occupational Therapist – I have seen my occupational therapist since I was 2 years old. She knows me very well. She works on what I want to work on. So many professionals work on what they want to work on and not their clients goals. If you are working on the client’s goals, they probably are more determined to achieve the goals.

My house – the staff at my house are wonderful people. It starts with the house manager, they are a beautiful person who is caring. The carers are same as the house manager. 

The house external network are also great. I have worked with their nurses, physiotherapists and speech therapists. They all were keen to help me during the move.

Monash university – the Monash university is involved with the house project especially the occupational therapy students. They have helped me with different tasks like finding a route to work and how to make my own breakfast.

I have built a great relationship with a lecturer from the university and she has helped me a lot especially with my public speaking and business.

Work – I have got a lot out of my work colleagues. They respect me and I have a great boss who has helped me with a lot of things. I have made a couple of good friends who have helped me with several things over last couple of years.

Before I moved out of home, I would hesitate to accept help from people. Now I am willing to accept help even though I am more independent. These days on occasions my colleagues help me to eat lunch.

Poker friends – lastly I can’t forget to mention my poker friends all across the world. In my poker career I have been lucky enough to come across some incredible people. It is hard to really keep in touch with some of them when they live interstate or internationally.

There are heaps of others I haven’t mentioned here but thanks to everyone for making my life possible.

You can’t achieve your goals on your own but you can surround yourself with the right type of people who can help you.