Welcome to My House


I live in a private unit cluster, and though I have nearby neighbours, my space allows me a high degree of privacy. The units were created as a part of a collaboration between Mission Australia, DHS, Summer Foundation, and Monash University. 

In 2015, I heard there were specialist units being built in Frankston, not far from my home. I went for a site visit, and upon seeing the home automation features being installed, I decided I was going to apply for one of the units. I was determined. I wrote weekly emails to DHS (Department of Human Services) and persisted until finally, in November 2015, I secured my new home.

After my approval, and an additional 4 month wait, l finally moved in. The main hold up was getting the ceiling hoist installed. The support worker provider has a “no manual lifting” policy, which is in place for the protection of both staff and clients alike.


My house is absolutely amazing for me.

l can live independently and use all it has to offer. I can open and close doors via a wireless app on my tablet, control heating, access emergency buttons, open and close blinds and even speak to the staff in the office through the intercom.

I text staff when I require assistance, and they are available 24/7. Its been over three years, and my independence has increased immensely.

My social life has also expanded dramatically. I can go out and hit the town whenever I like, and l can also invite whoever I want over , whenever l want, without bothering others, just like any other independent person in this world.