Melbourne Mustangs


 The Australian Ice Hockey League have started for 2019. If you want to catch up with me over next four and half months, you should check Melbourne Mustangs’ schedule first.


“ Make sure they aren’t playing in Melbourne before you message me, nothing comes before Mustangs in my life.”

 End of the 2016 season I went to my first ice hockey game and instantly fell in love with the game and I was hooked. Since 2018, I have been to every match they have played in Melbourne and I wouldn’t miss one for anything. I am a huge sport fan but I never have felt I was part of a club until now

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Over the last seven months I have been hanging out for the season to start. On Thursday 18th April, it was 2019 Melbourne Mustangs Jersey Presentation Night where the players got their jersey for the upcoming season and as always it was a fantastic night.

 On Saturday April 20, we played our first game of the season against Adelaide Adrenaline. After scoring four goals to zero in the first period we won 6 to 2. A great start to the season for Melbourne Mustangs. I got photos of me taken with some of the players after the game.

 I think ice hockey is the best sport in the world and everyone should see at least one game live in their life. If you are at a Mustangs game in Melbourne, don’t be afraid to come up and have a chat.


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