Taxi's, Poker & Hockey, Oh my!

It is 10pm Monday 25th July, what a weekendI had. It started friday afternoon When I had a meeting in the city about a presentation I am giving at life after school expo in September. I decided because I was going to city on a Friday afternoon, Afterwards I would go to Crown casino to play some poker.

This why people hate to rely on taxis

My meeting was on flinders street. Because I was going to crown afterwards, my original plan was to park at crown then walk to flinders street. Before I left my house it was raining, so I decided to book a taxi from crown to flinders street. My carer rang to book a maxi taxi for 3 30. The operator asked is it 2 45 or 3 15. My carer said no, 3 30.

Then we started to going to crown. Monash freeway was very busy so we were running 5 minutes late. At 3 10 my carer got a call from taxi driver asking where are you?. She explained we booked for 3 30. The operator told him 3 15 and he wanted to start money-tracker. Carer said you cant until after 3 30 .  for next 20 minutes we got several calls from the taxi company arguing, at 3 35 they turned the money-tracker on.

In my opinion the driver was okay but the taxi system is a FUCKING JOKE. This isn’t my only story with the taxi company, I have a funny one which I will tell in the future. I am lucky enough I have been able to buy a car. I feel sorry for the people who have to rely on the taxi system to get around. The government or someone has to fix it. People shouldn't have to wait for taxis especially when they book in advance.

But I got to my meeting with YDAS to discuss my presentation at the life after school expo on September 15 in Melbourne. We were discussing what I will be speaking about. I will be speaking about my life after school obviously but in a motivational way. I think the meeting went well. I am excited to help disabled people who might need some help after school finished. I can remember when I left high school, I was lost and I don't know what I should or wanted to do. Does anyone know what they want to do when they leave high school whether you are disabled or not.  It is harder for disabled people because we find it harder to get jobs than normal people. I see there is a lot more help these days thanthere was 10 years ago for disabled people.

After the meeting,  it was not raining so we walked back to crown. On the way back we stopped at Mcdonalds Southbank for dinner. I was going to a pub for dinner but i changed my mind.  I had a big mac, it was nice for a change. It wasn't only time I had Mcdonalds that night.

Then it was off to Crown we went to play poker. I registered for a $1/$2 table where maximum buy in is $100. I took out $290 to play with. I started playing at 630 pm. By 8pm I was down to$100. The cards weren't falling my way,  one hand I had to fold top straight on river after river made a flush possible. Then a mate helped me for 15 minutes to give my carer a break. He hates to play no limit hold em cash tables because they are boring. We played a bit loose and lost 30 dollars. I was down to$70, so my mate gave me $50 so I was up to$120. After mate left, i lost few more hands and was down to$43.

The hand that changed my fortunates

An Asian guy limp raise and I said fuck it and went all in with my K J suited of diamonds. He had A Q but I got lucky and hit so I won the hand. The hand helped me rest of night because the asian guy went on tilt after that hand. In the next hour he gave me $250.

At 1015 pm i had $420. My mate was harassing me to come to play$1/$2/$5 PLO8 so I did. The minimum buy in was $400 so i put my $420. Within 30 minutes i was up to $940. Then i lost a $1800 pot 3 way. On the turn with 1 card to come I had a pair, drawing to nut flush and had a low draw as well but I missed all my draws. After the hand I had $340 so I left. I was still up $50 for the night. Some people may say you should left when you had $940 but the table was very fun and a lot better than my $1/$2. I would play more PLO8 if I have more money. It is a crazy game.

It was midnight, I decided to have a chocolate sundae before we left Crown. On the way home we had to pick up my carer’s daughter from her work at Mcdonalds so I decided to have a bacon and egg muffin. Yes I was a big fat pig that night.

I finally got into bed at 2am and went to sleep at 2 30 am.

This is just day one of my big 2 days.

I woke up and saw it was 9 15 am. I text the carer who is working I am ready to get up. I normally get up at 730 but the carer thought they would wait until I text them because I had a late night.  After I had a shower and got dress,

I was ready to go out for lunch for my nanna’s 70th birthday. At 12 30 my family came to my house and we went to Langwarrin pub for lunch. It was great to see nanna family come down from everywhere across Victoria. She has 2 sisters and a brother. It was nice to see everyone. The meal isn’t nice and very small. People were going back to nannas to have drinks, I couldn’t go because I was going to ice hockey.

Start of july I went to my first game of ice hockey ever and I absolutely loved. I have been to every mustangs home match since there. Normally I would miss a match for a birthday but it was my first Melbourne derby I could go and you cant miss a derby. So after the pub my family dropped me home. I managed to fit in a walk in my hoist beforeI went to the game.

At 5 pm my carer and her son arrived at my house. We were off to the game. We decided to have a pub meal before the game. We went to the Habourtown hotel and I had a parma. It was beautiful and this time the meal was too big and I couldn’t finish it.

Then it was game time. The stadium was packed. We lost but I saw Melbourne Ice plays at a higher standard of play than we do. Then we came home. I can’t wait to go back again, seriously ice hockey is the best sport in the world. It is rough, fast and action packed.

Well I am off to sleep, catch you all soon.