Looking Forward to Next Year

Everyone do a happy dance for me now. I have been in NDIS for 2 and half months after a long wait and a bit of battle. I had my plan meeting with NDIS in June and I was told that my plan would take 3 weeks to set up but after 3 months I was still waiting. Then my carer and I went to NDIS and made a scene, surprise surprise my plan was approved. I know lot of people are unhappy with their plans but however I am pleased with my plan, I nearly got everything that I asked for.

With my double hours for community access I have been playing a lot more of pub poker and doing very well. Over last 5 months I have made a profit of over $8,000 dollars. I have won APL best of the best in September and got $2,500 cash and a seat in the APL million in March in Sydney.


Also in October I finished 3rd at APL State Finals where I got over $2,000 cash and another seat for APL million. So far I have won 3 APL million seats which I have sold 2.

Because I have been a lot  of more stuff lately, I have added 2 more carers to my amazing team. One of them I could had 2 years ago but I didn't want him because I wanted a younger carer. I usually don't care about age but at that time I wanted a young carer. Most of my life I have had older carers. He is the first male carer I have interviewed that been good. Even though I didn't hire him 2 years ago I recommended him to someone I knew was looking for a carer. They worked together for 2 years until recently. Very recently I have hired a young lady who just started doing a disability course. I wish I could offer her more hours.

On Monday I see something that I see too often.  I was naughty and I had Hungry Jacks for lunch. When I was about to park my car, I noticed that the disability carpark was in front of the only ramp to get into the building. So when you park in the disability carpark, wheelchairs can't get in the building. 

I had to half park in the carpark to make sure room for me to get up the ramp and make sure no one else blocked the ramp. When we told store manager, I have to give her credit because it seemed she listened. She told other staff and took photos to give to building owner. People do what they are required to do and don't care what is the best way to do it

I can't wait for next year,  there are lots of things happening. For Australian day weekend I am going to rainbow serpent festival. In March I am off  to Sydney for the APL million poker tournament.

The thing I am most excited about is my new project. I can't say much about it at the moment but I can't wait to get my teeth really into it. I have to do few more things for it before I go public with it.  This project even though is exciting and  needs to be done but will take lots of work with long hours and realistic will take 4 years to do. I also will need help from everyone with it. So please watch this space over the coming months!

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