I am over people who assumed they know me 

I am over people who assumed they know me  because they know a disabled person. Even if you know someone who has cerebral palsy, you still don't know me. Firstly cerebral palsy covers a big range of symptoms and it affects everyone differently.

Secondly and more importantly cerebral palsy isn't what makes me, me. It is a condition that I have but who I am comes from my history and my interests. Even though I have cerebral palsy, even I don't know everything about cerebral palsy and I never will.

On Sunday nights I go to poker to Settlement Hotel in Cranbourne. I usually go with Sam one of my carer but one of my other carers Matt has took me few times. I haven't drink alcohol there when Sam has taken me. The first time Matt took me, I decided to have a few drinks because I was in the mood. I am like most people, sometimes I have the drinking mood.

Last Sunday Matt took me again, a woman who plays poker straight way said you better don't drink tonight because you have this carer. Firstly I thought she was having a joke but she kept going on all night. I got very angry because she was saying my carers control me when they don't. 

All of my carers let me do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. If I want to get blind when Sam takes me out, she would allow me to drink. I am over people who think carers can control clients.

I told the woman straight up to “fuck off” and I ignored her rest of the night but she continued talking to me. When Matt tried to tell her why I was pissed off at her. She said, I understand everything about Jono because I had a family member who had cerebral palsy. Basically she wasn't listening to Matt because she is a Ms know everything when she knows jack shit and doesn't want to learn.

Society must learn good carers are about letting their clients live their life how the clients want to live.

On other news I have started filming my days and learning how to use edit the videos. In a month or two I am starting a weekly vlog about my life and will do other videos both on serious topics and funny skits. Today is my last day of work for two weeks, I won't be having free time during my time off. I will be busy editing videos and doing other stuff for my business. I can't wait for next year to give my speaking business another shot.

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Remember only you can change you!!