WATCH OUT NIGHTCLUBS! Jono is coming!!!

I thought last week was great, but this week has been amazing. I just am enjoying a gentleman jack to celebrate. I just watched Sydney Swans lost to the Greater Western Sydney Giants but who cares about AFL.

My amazing week begun on Wednesday morning when I was told yooralla finally got approved to put automation lights on my tablet. I can’t wait to get this function because I will use it a lot. They also got approved to shade the window. On sunny days around 2pm, the sun shines in and hit my computer screen. It makes so hard to see the screen, I can’t have anything to disturb me during my computer time.

A couple hours later, I received a text saying I was successful in getting the job as a National Disability Insurance Scheme Champion. I can’t wait to start because I will give presentations about NDIS which will help to continue my public speaking. On Monday and Tuesday I have training about NDIS. Even though I will be explaining to people how NDIS works, I will finding out how it works for myself before I join on April 1 2018.

The good news didn’t end there, late afternoon I received email saying SWEP finally ordered my shower chair that I needed to move into my unit. After 5 months I have no more hire fees, YAY!

My amazing week continues on Friday, I have been searching for other carer to employ for 2-3 years. In the last 2 months I have been advertising for a carer to go out with at nights. I want to start going to pubs and clubs because it is something I always wanted to do but I never had someone to go with. I knocked so many people back because their age. Usually age don’t bother me but I wanted someone around my age to hit the nightclubs with. One guy whom older than me was pushing for an interview with me. On Friday I interviewed him, I wasn’t expecting to like him. I was surprised by him. I will use him like a back up carer. You can’t find people who are happy to be a back up, people are looking for permanent work. Thank you for changing my mind

Oh wait, my luck don’t stop there. Today I interviewed a young lady to go to pubs and clubs. I can’t believe I think I found another person I am going to like. After a long time searching, I can’t believe I think I have found 2 good people in 2 days. It shows you shouldn’t never give up because it will happen one day.

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Remember only you can change you!!