Lamb Roast

I just had a lovely roast lamb for dinner. My second attempt of making a roast was a lot better than my first attempt. The first roast i cooked was too raw but this one was perfect. 

Last night I went to footy with my aunt and uncle and my godson. We went to a game between north Melbourne and st Kilda to see Brent Harvey's AFL game record breaking game. It was the first game my godson's had been to that he was following the game. It was nice to see him enjoying the game especially when north Melbourne won. Brent Harvey has been a champion of the AFL. It was good night but however the game enforced how much I don't like footy these days. Ice hockey is a lot better sport than AFL. 



Today before I put the roast lamb I decided to go and visit Nanna because it was nice day to go out. I stayed there for a hour and half. 

So I am off to bed good night all