Get off your high horse people

I had to blog about this tonight.

Today after my occupational therapy appointment I went to storage shop call Store & Order to get jugs. I will put things like milk and pasta in the jugs for me to pour. I can't open milk containers lids. I have been looking for months that I can open and pour myself. Now I can do an extra step in the making of my breakfast. Here a video of how I make my breakfast.  I think I have to upload video myself

Then my carer and I went to the Sober Mule for lunch. It is in mornington in power centre near officeworks. We went at the right time there was only one table free. 10 minutes there was a 10 people deep query. The query went quickly. I decided to have chicken parma for lunch. It was good but not the best I have had. The best parma I ever have had was at the wolf & I in Melbourne. I went to it again and it was the worst meal I had evesr.

Back to today, while I was eating my lunch a couple walked in. the lady was so rude tothe lovely staff. She thought she was better than everyone else. She rudely asked if there was any tables free when it was obviously tables free. When they sat down she continued to speak down to the staff.


No one should be talked to like they dirt especially when they at work. It doesn’t matter what you think of the person please just respect people. No one is better than anyone else. You don’t have to be friends with them just respect them.

What I saw today made me so angry please respect everyone