Merry Christmas

Merry Christmass all I hope everyone have a good one.

What a few busy weeks it has been. I have tried to find time to write a blog but things keep getting in my way.

On December 1 I won award at the National Year of Digital Inclusion for best learner. I am honored to win the award. Thanks to Libby Callaway for nominating me. Last Friday News Corp interviewed me and an article will be in the Geelong Advertiser on Boxing Day.

 Last week I thought I was losing my job when on Wednesday night at 6PM, I got email from work saying all marillac staff has a meeting the follow day. Some colleagues and I thought we all were losing our jobs. At the end of the day, it was just St John of God taking over marillac services effectively March next year. I still don’t like how management act in this situation but I am sure, they had their reasons. I still have a job for the short term but who knows about the long term.

I already have applied for a job at Scope before I found out about the meeting. On Monday I heard back that I have been shortlisted for the job and I have a job interview on Thursday 19th January. I am looking for more work either a second job and/or more work through my business.

I was talking to my occupational therapist about I would like to start running sessions about disabled people in schools. She suggested for me to contact the principal at the Mornington Park Primary School to discuss about what type of session would be the best. The principal’s husband was my primary school principal, a small world. She loved the idea and we are catching up in the new year to discuss further. This is just another example where I used my connections or network. In the last 2 years I have learnt it is important to use your connections to help you.

I need to earn more money to keep afford my new hobby of going out and partying. I finally found someone whom is around my age that I like to go out with. All of my carers in the past has been older than me. I don’t mind an older carer but for a while I have wanted a person is similar age. I know I use the carer to describe the people who I employ but I hate that word for my carers. I employ people even although they help me and I pay them, the friendship come first. I know when people stop working for me, we still will be friends afterwards. People can’t be fake with me because I will work out they aren’t genuinely fast. For this fact I am not using the word carer no more in my blogs, I am going to call them friends.

Last Friday I had my work break up party, it was 830pm I was about to go home when a mate texted me come to Daveys. So I went to Daveys with no support, a friend dropped me off. When my mate and I arrived at Daveys, it was closed for some reason so we went to the deck. I thought the deck had no wheelchair accessible but we tried anyway.  Actually it is wheelchair accessible, it shows you never should assume anything. It was a good night.

On Saturday night my friend Ashlee and I went to Crown to catch up with some of my mates. We planned to go to Cosy and Tasty Dumpling in Frankston for dinner. I rang to make a booking and make sure it was wheelchair accessible. They said yes but it wasn’t. Then we called 6 more restaurants but all have one step before we found a place.

I already was thinking about buying a portable ramp but this was the final nail in the cotton. So yesterday Ashlee and I went to look at ramps and I bought one.

We are looking at where we should go for new year eve. We are open to any suggestions that you might have. Don’t forget to follow on my social media to see what I am up to.

Remember only you can change you!!