OMG It is December! I wish everyone a good holidays season!

What a lazy bum I have been, no blogs for 7 weeks. I have to get my act together. That is disadvantage of doing things for yourself, you have no timeframe to get them done. I have to start to be a bit tougher on myself.

Well it has been 7 weeks and a lot things has happened in that time. Firstly I had a big poker tournament at the Crown Casino from 15th to 18th October. The tournament was Asia Pacific Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event and it was the last one forever. There were over 520 entrants in the tournament, I lasted for two and half days before I was knocked out. I finished in 35th place and pocketed nearly $6,000. Not bad payday for 3 days, especially when I won my seat online for $82. Even though it was a good run, I wasn’t happy. As a serious poker player, you never are happy unless you win the tournament.

On 19th October I interviewed another person for my carer role, even though I thought already have found 2 people for the role. When everyone were applying for the role, this person was the one whom stood out the most by a long way. They were going overseas for a few weeks so I couldn’t interview them. It was worth the wait, she is one of the best carers I ever seen. It was lucky I still interviewed her because the other two didn’t work out. The person I had fun time with at Hoyts (read my last blog) got new full time job and couldn’t help me out. I don’t blame her because people have to do what is the best for themselves. The other person can’t do it now but they might could in few months.

To be honest, I am happy they didn’t work out because everything happens for a reason. If they worked out, I might never would be able to meet this incredible person and carer. The disability industry need a lot more of this type of carer. She is client focused and unfortunately a lot carers. We have gone out 2 times, we still are working out each other and it will take couple months.

First time we went out we went to the nightclub Fusion at Crown. It was alright, I met a few interesting people.

On 19th November, we went to Daveys in Frankston and it was good night. I bumped into Jordyn which is a friend who also was there. We partied together all night, she helped me to get out there and dance more. Sometimes you need another person to help you to cut loose.

Afterwards more people started to dance with me. I can’t wait to continue partying.

If you know a good nightclub that has wheelchair accessible or you want to go out with me one night don’t hesitate to contact me.

Other things has happened in the last month, I am planning to do another blog early next week. Hopefully I stick to my word.

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