I think I have found the carer FINALLY!!!

What a day it has been! I don’t know how I am going to explain in words but I will try my best. It was one of those days that you have to be there to understand it.

Firstly I am sorry I haven’t upload any blogs over the past month, I just been slack. I will update you what I have been doing soon but this blog going to be today events.

Last Monday I post ad in the local jobs group on Facebook about looking for a carer to go to pubs and clubs. The previous person I interviewed that I was excited about didn’t work out. This is the third time I posted it, just changed 2 lines and what a difference it made.  This time I got so many people applied, I was overwhelmed, half of the people didn’t want the job. Just wanted to be friends and hang out. I don’t know when I will accept all of the offers I am getting but it will be great to meet a lot of new people.

I organized 5 interviews for Friday. Out of the 5, one didn’t show up. Two people canceled but both have good excuses unlike some excuses I have had in the past. One person I interview Friday looks promising.

One of the people that canceled Friday rescheduled the interview for today at 3pm. Early today at 11am I got a message from the person, I am going to the Mornington market do you want to come? I thought for a moment because I never give a stranger my address. I have had a lot of weird people come to job interviews in the past. I always do an interview first in public place. I still recommend for people to do this, you never know who you are meeting. I have a good gut instinct about most things. I just had a good gut feeling, this person going to be fine so I said yes. I still was prepared to say no when they arrived to my house if I felt uncomfortable. As soon as they shown up to my house I felt comfortable.

Then we were to the Mornington market. It was damn windy, everyone was packing up early. Then we had lunch at Nandos and were going to see the secret life of pets movie. The movies ads were starting when the power went out. We got free tickets then we were walking towards the lift to get down to the ground floor when was told the lift isn’t working. I think it is strange they don’t have back up power for the lifts.

Oh well, I was stuck upstairs with a new carer, the day was a bit like job interview and this happens. The security guards were carrying wheelchairs and people down which I was fine about. I rang my main carer and asked her to come down to help me. I just wanted to have someone there who knew me well during the process getting down the stairs. While the new carer and I waited for my main carer to arrive, we were laughing off at the situation we were in. What else are you going to do?  Cry? No way!

When my main carer came, she was only one who was nervous. The security guards carried my wheelchair down the stairs firstly then me. Then I was safe.  What a situation for a new carer whom you just met 3 hours prior to go through but credit to them, they didn’t blink not once during the whole situation. I think most people at least a bit.

I already told them the job is theirs. I would be a bustard if I didn’t give them the job after how they coped with the situation. During the day we talked and I think this is the one I have been searching for; it just took 3 good months. Sometime you just need wait for things to come to you.

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