Your mind can try do tricks on you

Happy New Years everyone

I hope everyone had a safe and fun celebration. I had fun and a laugh but not the night I had planned. Last night my friend Ashlee came to my house at 6:30. We tested out the pizza maker I got for Christmas from my mum and it was amazing. At 8:50 we went to Dandenong to watch the fireworks then we were going to Daveys afterwards. At Dandenong as I got out of my car, Ashlee was shutting the boot when she hit her head on it and started bleeding. After we watched the fireworks, we were off to Frankston Hospital, unexpectedly the emergency department was dead. We were in and out in 56 minutes. Ashlee had a cut, headache and a concussion. We took a selfie from the hospital with Ashlee’s big ass band aid to wish everyone Happy New Year.


Then we went home and I was in bed by 11:30. We had a few laughs. I am not having a good run with carers firstly when I was stuck upstairs at Hoyts with a new carer then this. We always have a laugh about the situations.

This is why I want to talk to you about this. In bed I was just thinking about things when I had a horrible thought. Did I really do the right thing hiring Ashlee? The two things she has done wrong - are cancel a shift 3 weeks ago because she were sick (she really was sick), she still came over for a chat and last night when she hit her head. Both incidents were accidents it wasn’t her intention to let me down. Apart from these 2 incidents, Ashlee has been great. Despite this for a second I doubt myself. My next breathe I was more angry and upset at myself for thinking that even for a spilt second. While others like Stuart’s family would love to have Stuart back, I was a bit disappointed I didn’t make it out for New Year Eve because of a freak accident. Stuart is a mate of mine who died of cancer 2 and half years ago. He left a wife and 2 kids behind.  Also I know someone else who died last month from cancer. Julia Waston left a husband and 4 kids behind including a disabled kid. She wrote a book about her battle with cancer. You should check it out:


The truly sad part is that I never believed I made the wrong choice, it was just a thought which popped up in my head. If someone like me who truly has an amazing life can have thoughts which I don’t believe in. It makes me think about the people who are really struggling or who have a mental health illness and what they might be dealing with. You can never put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You never can totally understand someone’s history, feelings and thoughts. We can try our best to understand what problems someone is going through and try to help them. 

If you are going through something it is completely fine to ask for some help. You may be able to talk to a close family member or friend while others feel more comfortable talking to complete strangers. Otherwise you can get some professional help.

These are some numbers you can ring:

·         Suicide Hotline: 1300 651 251

·         Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

·         Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

·         Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800

Sometimes the hardest part is to find someone you trust to talk to.

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Remember only you can change you!!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmass all I hope everyone have a good one.

What a few busy weeks it has been. I have tried to find time to write a blog but things keep getting in my way.

On December 1 I won award at the National Year of Digital Inclusion for best learner. I am honored to win the award. Thanks to Libby Callaway for nominating me. Last Friday News Corp interviewed me and an article will be in the Geelong Advertiser on Boxing Day.

 Last week I thought I was losing my job when on Wednesday night at 6PM, I got email from work saying all marillac staff has a meeting the follow day. Some colleagues and I thought we all were losing our jobs. At the end of the day, it was just St John of God taking over marillac services effectively March next year. I still don’t like how management act in this situation but I am sure, they had their reasons. I still have a job for the short term but who knows about the long term.

I already have applied for a job at Scope before I found out about the meeting. On Monday I heard back that I have been shortlisted for the job and I have a job interview on Thursday 19th January. I am looking for more work either a second job and/or more work through my business.

I was talking to my occupational therapist about I would like to start running sessions about disabled people in schools. She suggested for me to contact the principal at the Mornington Park Primary School to discuss about what type of session would be the best. The principal’s husband was my primary school principal, a small world. She loved the idea and we are catching up in the new year to discuss further. This is just another example where I used my connections or network. In the last 2 years I have learnt it is important to use your connections to help you.

I need to earn more money to keep afford my new hobby of going out and partying. I finally found someone whom is around my age that I like to go out with. All of my carers in the past has been older than me. I don’t mind an older carer but for a while I have wanted a person is similar age. I know I use the carer to describe the people who I employ but I hate that word for my carers. I employ people even although they help me and I pay them, the friendship come first. I know when people stop working for me, we still will be friends afterwards. People can’t be fake with me because I will work out they aren’t genuinely fast. For this fact I am not using the word carer no more in my blogs, I am going to call them friends.

Last Friday I had my work break up party, it was 830pm I was about to go home when a mate texted me come to Daveys. So I went to Daveys with no support, a friend dropped me off. When my mate and I arrived at Daveys, it was closed for some reason so we went to the deck. I thought the deck had no wheelchair accessible but we tried anyway.  Actually it is wheelchair accessible, it shows you never should assume anything. It was a good night.

On Saturday night my friend Ashlee and I went to Crown to catch up with some of my mates. We planned to go to Cosy and Tasty Dumpling in Frankston for dinner. I rang to make a booking and make sure it was wheelchair accessible. They said yes but it wasn’t. Then we called 6 more restaurants but all have one step before we found a place.

I already was thinking about buying a portable ramp but this was the final nail in the cotton. So yesterday Ashlee and I went to look at ramps and I bought one.

We are looking at where we should go for new year eve. We are open to any suggestions that you might have. Don’t forget to follow on my social media to see what I am up to.

Remember only you can change you!!



OMG It is December! I wish everyone a good holidays season!

What a lazy bum I have been, no blogs for 7 weeks. I have to get my act together. That is disadvantage of doing things for yourself, you have no timeframe to get them done. I have to start to be a bit tougher on myself.

Well it has been 7 weeks and a lot things has happened in that time. Firstly I had a big poker tournament at the Crown Casino from 15th to 18th October. The tournament was Asia Pacific Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event and it was the last one forever. There were over 520 entrants in the tournament, I lasted for two and half days before I was knocked out. I finished in 35th place and pocketed nearly $6,000. Not bad payday for 3 days, especially when I won my seat online for $82. Even though it was a good run, I wasn’t happy. As a serious poker player, you never are happy unless you win the tournament.

On 19th October I interviewed another person for my carer role, even though I thought already have found 2 people for the role. When everyone were applying for the role, this person was the one whom stood out the most by a long way. They were going overseas for a few weeks so I couldn’t interview them. It was worth the wait, she is one of the best carers I ever seen. It was lucky I still interviewed her because the other two didn’t work out. The person I had fun time with at Hoyts (read my last blog) got new full time job and couldn’t help me out. I don’t blame her because people have to do what is the best for themselves. The other person can’t do it now but they might could in few months.

To be honest, I am happy they didn’t work out because everything happens for a reason. If they worked out, I might never would be able to meet this incredible person and carer. The disability industry need a lot more of this type of carer. She is client focused and unfortunately a lot carers. We have gone out 2 times, we still are working out each other and it will take couple months.

First time we went out we went to the nightclub Fusion at Crown. It was alright, I met a few interesting people.

On 19th November, we went to Daveys in Frankston and it was good night. I bumped into Jordyn which is a friend who also was there. We partied together all night, she helped me to get out there and dance more. Sometimes you need another person to help you to cut loose.

Afterwards more people started to dance with me. I can’t wait to continue partying.

If you know a good nightclub that has wheelchair accessible or you want to go out with me one night don’t hesitate to contact me.

Other things has happened in the last month, I am planning to do another blog early next week. Hopefully I stick to my word.

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Remember only you can change you!!


I think I have found the carer FINALLY!!!

What a day it has been! I don’t know how I am going to explain in words but I will try my best. It was one of those days that you have to be there to understand it.

Firstly I am sorry I haven’t upload any blogs over the past month, I just been slack. I will update you what I have been doing soon but this blog going to be today events.

Last Monday I post ad in the local jobs group on Facebook about looking for a carer to go to pubs and clubs. The previous person I interviewed that I was excited about didn’t work out. This is the third time I posted it, just changed 2 lines and what a difference it made.  This time I got so many people applied, I was overwhelmed, half of the people didn’t want the job. Just wanted to be friends and hang out. I don’t know when I will accept all of the offers I am getting but it will be great to meet a lot of new people.

I organized 5 interviews for Friday. Out of the 5, one didn’t show up. Two people canceled but both have good excuses unlike some excuses I have had in the past. One person I interview Friday looks promising.

One of the people that canceled Friday rescheduled the interview for today at 3pm. Early today at 11am I got a message from the person, I am going to the Mornington market do you want to come? I thought for a moment because I never give a stranger my address. I have had a lot of weird people come to job interviews in the past. I always do an interview first in public place. I still recommend for people to do this, you never know who you are meeting. I have a good gut instinct about most things. I just had a good gut feeling, this person going to be fine so I said yes. I still was prepared to say no when they arrived to my house if I felt uncomfortable. As soon as they shown up to my house I felt comfortable.

Then we were to the Mornington market. It was damn windy, everyone was packing up early. Then we had lunch at Nandos and were going to see the secret life of pets movie. The movies ads were starting when the power went out. We got free tickets then we were walking towards the lift to get down to the ground floor when was told the lift isn’t working. I think it is strange they don’t have back up power for the lifts.

Oh well, I was stuck upstairs with a new carer, the day was a bit like job interview and this happens. The security guards were carrying wheelchairs and people down which I was fine about. I rang my main carer and asked her to come down to help me. I just wanted to have someone there who knew me well during the process getting down the stairs. While the new carer and I waited for my main carer to arrive, we were laughing off at the situation we were in. What else are you going to do?  Cry? No way!

When my main carer came, she was only one who was nervous. The security guards carried my wheelchair down the stairs firstly then me. Then I was safe.  What a situation for a new carer whom you just met 3 hours prior to go through but credit to them, they didn’t blink not once during the whole situation. I think most people at least a bit.

I already told them the job is theirs. I would be a bustard if I didn’t give them the job after how they coped with the situation. During the day we talked and I think this is the one I have been searching for; it just took 3 good months. Sometime you just need wait for things to come to you.

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Remember only you can change you!!


WATCH OUT NIGHTCLUBS! Jono is coming!!!

I thought last week was great, but this week has been amazing. I just am enjoying a gentleman jack to celebrate. I just watched Sydney Swans lost to the Greater Western Sydney Giants but who cares about AFL.

My amazing week begun on Wednesday morning when I was told yooralla finally got approved to put automation lights on my tablet. I can’t wait to get this function because I will use it a lot. They also got approved to shade the window. On sunny days around 2pm, the sun shines in and hit my computer screen. It makes so hard to see the screen, I can’t have anything to disturb me during my computer time.

A couple hours later, I received a text saying I was successful in getting the job as a National Disability Insurance Scheme Champion. I can’t wait to start because I will give presentations about NDIS which will help to continue my public speaking. On Monday and Tuesday I have training about NDIS. Even though I will be explaining to people how NDIS works, I will finding out how it works for myself before I join on April 1 2018.

The good news didn’t end there, late afternoon I received email saying SWEP finally ordered my shower chair that I needed to move into my unit. After 5 months I have no more hire fees, YAY!

My amazing week continues on Friday, I have been searching for other carer to employ for 2-3 years. In the last 2 months I have been advertising for a carer to go out with at nights. I want to start going to pubs and clubs because it is something I always wanted to do but I never had someone to go with. I knocked so many people back because their age. Usually age don’t bother me but I wanted someone around my age to hit the nightclubs with. One guy whom older than me was pushing for an interview with me. On Friday I interviewed him, I wasn’t expecting to like him. I was surprised by him. I will use him like a back up carer. You can’t find people who are happy to be a back up, people are looking for permanent work. Thank you for changing my mind

Oh wait, my luck don’t stop there. Today I interviewed a young lady to go to pubs and clubs. I can’t believe I think I found another person I am going to like. After a long time searching, I can’t believe I think I have found 2 good people in 2 days. It shows you shouldn’t never give up because it will happen one day.

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Website is up and OT Conference

What a week it has been! I just put a meal in the slow cooker on with the help of the OT students. I did some of the work by myself,  but needed some help I continue to work to towards doing things independently. Never give up.

I haven’t been able to go to bed until at least midnight all week. I wanted to get my website up and running by Friday for my presentation at Victoria-Tasamania Occupational Therapy Conference on Saturday. As you know I managed to get it done.


I couldn’t do it without Nathan Oxley who did most of the website and took the photos. He did a fantastic job. He is a photographer so if you want some professional photos taken. Look at his website NOxley Portraits


The launch of the website went smoothly on Friday night. Friday 5pm it was the first time I was able to relax all week. My presentation for OT conference was ready as well. Even though I was all set I couldn’t sleep.


Saturday morning I woke up at 7am but I didn’t get up until 10 am. I didn’t want to get my suit dirty. This was so boring to do because I hate to lay in bed & waste the day. At 12 30 we were off to Olympic park. When I arrived there I met up with Natasha, Lynne and Libby. Libby and I had a practice run of our presentation just to make sure we were all organised.  I had a bit of look at the expo, got few ideas.


It was showtime.

Natasha and Lynne went first, it was great to hear Lynne’s story of NDIS where she is a participant. It reminded me all the things I have to think about when I join on April 1 2018. Then Libby and I did our presentation on the housing model under NDIS. It was fantastic, I love co-presenting with Libby. When she asked to me to do it with her, I was nervous. I didn’t want to mess up for her.

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Remember only you can change you!!


Lamb Roast

I just had a lovely roast lamb for dinner. My second attempt of making a roast was a lot better than my first attempt. The first roast i cooked was too raw but this one was perfect. 

Last night I went to footy with my aunt and uncle and my godson. We went to a game between north Melbourne and st Kilda to see Brent Harvey's AFL game record breaking game. It was the first game my godson's had been to that he was following the game. It was nice to see him enjoying the game especially when north Melbourne won. Brent Harvey has been a champion of the AFL. It was good night but however the game enforced how much I don't like footy these days. Ice hockey is a lot better sport than AFL. 



Today before I put the roast lamb I decided to go and visit Nanna because it was nice day to go out. I stayed there for a hour and half. 

So I am off to bed good night all 


Get off your high horse people

I had to blog about this tonight.

Today after my occupational therapy appointment I went to storage shop call Store & Order to get jugs. I will put things like milk and pasta in the jugs for me to pour. I can't open milk containers lids. I have been looking for months that I can open and pour myself. Now I can do an extra step in the making of my breakfast. Here a video of how I make my breakfast.  I think I have to upload video myself

Then my carer and I went to the Sober Mule for lunch. It is in mornington in power centre near officeworks. We went at the right time there was only one table free. 10 minutes there was a 10 people deep query. The query went quickly. I decided to have chicken parma for lunch. It was good but not the best I have had. The best parma I ever have had was at the wolf & I in Melbourne. I went to it again and it was the worst meal I had evesr.

Back to today, while I was eating my lunch a couple walked in. the lady was so rude tothe lovely staff. She thought she was better than everyone else. She rudely asked if there was any tables free when it was obviously tables free. When they sat down she continued to speak down to the staff.


No one should be talked to like they dirt especially when they at work. It doesn’t matter what you think of the person please just respect people. No one is better than anyone else. You don’t have to be friends with them just respect them.

What I saw today made me so angry please respect everyone

Taxi's, Poker & Hockey, Oh my!

It is 10pm Monday 25th July, what a weekendI had. It started friday afternoon When I had a meeting in the city about a presentation I am giving at life after school expo in September. I decided because I was going to city on a Friday afternoon, Afterwards I would go to Crown casino to play some poker.

This why people hate to rely on taxis

My meeting was on flinders street. Because I was going to crown afterwards, my original plan was to park at crown then walk to flinders street. Before I left my house it was raining, so I decided to book a taxi from crown to flinders street. My carer rang to book a maxi taxi for 3 30. The operator asked is it 2 45 or 3 15. My carer said no, 3 30.

Then we started to going to crown. Monash freeway was very busy so we were running 5 minutes late. At 3 10 my carer got a call from taxi driver asking where are you?. She explained we booked for 3 30. The operator told him 3 15 and he wanted to start money-tracker. Carer said you cant until after 3 30 .  for next 20 minutes we got several calls from the taxi company arguing, at 3 35 they turned the money-tracker on.

In my opinion the driver was okay but the taxi system is a FUCKING JOKE. This isn’t my only story with the taxi company, I have a funny one which I will tell in the future. I am lucky enough I have been able to buy a car. I feel sorry for the people who have to rely on the taxi system to get around. The government or someone has to fix it. People shouldn't have to wait for taxis especially when they book in advance.

But I got to my meeting with YDAS to discuss my presentation at the life after school expo on September 15 in Melbourne. We were discussing what I will be speaking about. I will be speaking about my life after school obviously but in a motivational way. I think the meeting went well. I am excited to help disabled people who might need some help after school finished. I can remember when I left high school, I was lost and I don't know what I should or wanted to do. Does anyone know what they want to do when they leave high school whether you are disabled or not.  It is harder for disabled people because we find it harder to get jobs than normal people. I see there is a lot more help these days thanthere was 10 years ago for disabled people.

After the meeting,  it was not raining so we walked back to crown. On the way back we stopped at Mcdonalds Southbank for dinner. I was going to a pub for dinner but i changed my mind.  I had a big mac, it was nice for a change. It wasn't only time I had Mcdonalds that night.

Then it was off to Crown we went to play poker. I registered for a $1/$2 table where maximum buy in is $100. I took out $290 to play with. I started playing at 630 pm. By 8pm I was down to$100. The cards weren't falling my way,  one hand I had to fold top straight on river after river made a flush possible. Then a mate helped me for 15 minutes to give my carer a break. He hates to play no limit hold em cash tables because they are boring. We played a bit loose and lost 30 dollars. I was down to$70, so my mate gave me $50 so I was up to$120. After mate left, i lost few more hands and was down to$43.

The hand that changed my fortunates

An Asian guy limp raise and I said fuck it and went all in with my K J suited of diamonds. He had A Q but I got lucky and hit so I won the hand. The hand helped me rest of night because the asian guy went on tilt after that hand. In the next hour he gave me $250.

At 1015 pm i had $420. My mate was harassing me to come to play$1/$2/$5 PLO8 so I did. The minimum buy in was $400 so i put my $420. Within 30 minutes i was up to $940. Then i lost a $1800 pot 3 way. On the turn with 1 card to come I had a pair, drawing to nut flush and had a low draw as well but I missed all my draws. After the hand I had $340 so I left. I was still up $50 for the night. Some people may say you should left when you had $940 but the table was very fun and a lot better than my $1/$2. I would play more PLO8 if I have more money. It is a crazy game.

It was midnight, I decided to have a chocolate sundae before we left Crown. On the way home we had to pick up my carer’s daughter from her work at Mcdonalds so I decided to have a bacon and egg muffin. Yes I was a big fat pig that night.

I finally got into bed at 2am and went to sleep at 2 30 am.

This is just day one of my big 2 days.

I woke up and saw it was 9 15 am. I text the carer who is working I am ready to get up. I normally get up at 730 but the carer thought they would wait until I text them because I had a late night.  After I had a shower and got dress,

I was ready to go out for lunch for my nanna’s 70th birthday. At 12 30 my family came to my house and we went to Langwarrin pub for lunch. It was great to see nanna family come down from everywhere across Victoria. She has 2 sisters and a brother. It was nice to see everyone. The meal isn’t nice and very small. People were going back to nannas to have drinks, I couldn’t go because I was going to ice hockey.

Start of july I went to my first game of ice hockey ever and I absolutely loved. I have been to every mustangs home match since there. Normally I would miss a match for a birthday but it was my first Melbourne derby I could go and you cant miss a derby. So after the pub my family dropped me home. I managed to fit in a walk in my hoist beforeI went to the game.

At 5 pm my carer and her son arrived at my house. We were off to the game. We decided to have a pub meal before the game. We went to the Habourtown hotel and I had a parma. It was beautiful and this time the meal was too big and I couldn’t finish it.

Then it was game time. The stadium was packed. We lost but I saw Melbourne Ice plays at a higher standard of play than we do. Then we came home. I can’t wait to go back again, seriously ice hockey is the best sport in the world. It is rough, fast and action packed.

Well I am off to sleep, catch you all soon.